Spiritual Slugfest

Have you ever felt like you have been in 6 rounds with a 275 pound heavyweight?  That is what the last 4 weeks have felt like.  I have been dancing in the ring of church planting – taking some pretty big blows – and yes, even giving some near KO blows myself.  

The last attempt for The Assemblies of God to plant a church on Long Island was 9 years ago.  That church did not succeed.  The last successful new church planted by The Assemblies of God in Long Island was in 1988 – 20 years ago.  It has about 150 attendees each week.  I now know why no one really wanted to attempt a new church – it is tough ground in Long Island!!!
We have been hit with …
     * Lower offerings
     * Loss of several in our core team
     * Inconsistency in attendance by newbies
     * Few great people doing a lot of the work
     * Lighter attendances
Plus we have felt the spiritual slugs in many people within The Point.  With all of this going down it could easily get frustrating, but someone called me recently a “fighter.”  A person with a “never give up attitude.”  That’s what I can bring to the ring … I will scrap, duck and dive, but I will never quit!!!  I will take some pretty huge blows, but I will never quit!!!
The tougher the fight the sweeter the victory!  I can’t wait to taste it!!!
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