Sunday Stories (10.26.08)

I am so privileged to lead such a great group of people.  So many people are making The Point a true place of significance.  Lives are being challenged and changed at every service.

We had 5 first time guests today and 3 decisions for Christ!!!  I love seeing people come into a relationship with Christ!  It is my life passion.
I met several guests and repeats today.  It lots of fun talking to newbies.  Here’s some of the feedback … “inspirational” … “loved the music” … “very friendly people” … and more.
We had a Young Adults Reception after the service today … 20 showed up (including Mary and I) … we asked some pretty “hard to hear” questions … What do you like about The Point?  What don’t you like?  What can we do better?  Do you feel we are connecting with your age group?  Plus a lot more … great dialogue!!!
Elizabeth joined us at the reception.  It was here second visit.  She comes from a catholic church background and said, “It was different, but inspirational.”  I asked her what she like about it … she said that she enjoyed how the message mattered to everyday life!  Side Note:  She let me know that she decided to volunteer at Habitat for Humanity as a partial result of being @ The Point!!!
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