CXI: Roots

Last night I was able to take 25 people from The Point to attend CXI: Roots – an event sponsored by David Nuzzolo – to help reach Long Island with God’s love.  It was an amazing night.  Loads of prayer … amazing food.

The Point was highlighted as the newest AG church on Long Island.  Micki and Leah led some worship last night – both help lead @ The Point.  They did a GREAT job!!!  We were displayed on a video.  It was a fun night!!!
JIM CYMBALA, pastor of Brooklyn Tabernacle, spoke last night – calm, relaxed and “on point.”  Pastor Cymbala started to talk about pastors who “preach one way” but “talk a different way” – it’s almost as if they are too different people.  He was not talking about character but on presentation.  He said something so BIG … “God won’t anoint those who are acting.  God can only anoint the real and genuine.”
My prayer today is “GOD, never let me be caught acting.  Help me to be myself.”
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