Sunday Stories (11.2.08)

Sunday started off a little different than usual! The movie theater had scheduled a movie to start mid-way in our service … the movie was “Zack and Mira Make a Porno” … I spoke with the manager, Matt, he was apologizing … laughing … and could not believe they scheduled a “porn” movie for our theater … unbelievable!

SIDE NOTE: Isn’t it great to know that a church’s presence in a movie theater can begin to transform the thinking of the management?

So they correct the problem … or so they think … the previews came at the end of worship … oops … it made for some great laughs during the service … no PORN was shown I assure you!

The life of a movie theater church!!!

We had 3 first time guests and 1 of them decided to become a follower of Jesus Christ!! This is what it is all about!

49% of the church finally filled out our Connection Cards … nearly 3x’s the average … and 70% decided to do a Christmas Eve Service @ 5 pm. It was a great day!!!

Went home and watched the NY JETS defeat the BUFFALO BILLS … I was almost in heaven!

And for you who are wondering … NO BABY YET … still waiting for the arrival of Abigail!

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