Sunday Stories (11.9.08)

Meeting in a public place has the potential to create a large scale impact on a community.  Or at least in our case it is getting there!  The Point is doing pretty well considering that in 2007 6 other churches tried to start in Westbury and 5 closed.

Yesterday I shared about Nehemiah and the effort to rebuild the walls around Jerusalem in 52 days. Westbury was founded by 3 Quaker families for “religious expression.”  I shared that God has called The Point to rebuild the spiritual walls around Westbury just like Nehemiah rebuilt the walls around Jerusalem … The excitement level in the church was HIGH!!!
Here’s something very cool:  The Point has impacted the movie theater staff.  Matt, one of the managers, decided to change the title of “Zack and Mira Make a Porno” to “Zack and Mira” – on all of the displays and LED (over the theater doors and ticket booths) – the word “Porno” no longer appears.  Not just on Sundays, but all the time.  God is up to something!!!
Attendance was up!  Offering was down!
Lots of people congratulated Mary and I before and after the service (even though Mary wasn’t there they congratulated through me) on the birth of little Abigayl.
Everything went great today.  I love seeing people having fun @ church!
Next Sunday we have our Membership Reception were we will receive about 20-30 first-ever members @ The Point.  VERY EXCITING!!!!!
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