The Point of Planning

Have you ever “winged it”?  I mean you flew by the seat of your pants.  There was no plan.  You simply didn’t have the time or the willingness to put into whatever you were doing.  I had those moments.  The only problem is that because there was no plan I could not anticipate the right product.  

Planning produces a product!
Why plan?  I plan because I want to honor God with my service to Him … in fact, I would like him to be pleased with every second of my life!
So today I completed the preaching calendar for the next six months!  I know I am totally anal, but it helps me figure out where I want The Point to be by June ’09.
I am meeting with our new Worship Arts Director, Micki Barreto, tonight to work together on solidifying the topics and songs possibilities!  It will only be the beginning of many planning meetings.
Planning together creates ownership and teamship!
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