Point Membership Sunday

What a great day to be @ The Point!  I mean it was amazing!  So many people decided to take the plunge into membership with us!  I am speechless!

This was our first-ever membership series.  We did it on a Sunday morning.  So many pastors have said, “We never did that before.”  Denominational officials say we might be the first to attempt this – I love being on the edge of “different.”  Others didn’t think it would work.
Here’s the great news … IT DID … we added nearly 50 members this week!!!  From 0 to 50!!!
We had a great party @ Cozymels Mexican Restaurant after the service!!!  It’s one of favorite Point Spots!!!
There was a new guy at our service.  He was checking us out for the first time.  I spoke to him after and he said, “When you promised to never pre-judge anyone I knew this was the church for me – at least for now.”  
LEADERSHIP LESSON:  The promises you make as a pastor matter.  Keep them!!!
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