Sunday Stories (11.23.08)

I love it when everything goes against what you planned!  NOT!!!  I am so structured and planned during a Sunday experience that I get totally ticked when think tank.  Why?  Because I want our God of excellence to get excellence in every area of our Sunday celebration!!!

So what went wrong?
  • No coffee/cream cheese/volunteers in hospitality
  • Service ran 15 minutes too long
  • Poor attendance (76)
  • Worship leader forgot schedule and changed order.
We had a few things go really good though … 
  • Great message
  • Several guests and repeat attenders
  • Music seemed tight (even though I played bass)
  • Set-Up and Break down was awesome — as always!
  • Communion seemed meaningful
I spoke with a new young lady – 2nd week – she said that she really likes my passion.  One of the things I learned about passion is that it is catchy!
So I thought about what I am passionate about!  Here’s my passion list:
  1. Loving God and Living for Him
  2. Keeping my love and eyes only for Mary, my beautiful bride
  3. Being the best dad possible to my two favorites
  4. Building the dream of The Point
  5. Seeing irreligious people become devoted followers of Christ.
  6. Making a global impact through missions
  7. Developing leaders and releasing them to do ministry
  8. Relationships
  9. Authenticity / Transparency
  10. Launching new churches throughout Long Island
  11. Families / Marriages
It’s not an exhaustive list, but its a starter.  Build your list of passions and then live them out!!!
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