Handwritten Prayers

For more than a decade I have penned many prayers to God.  It has helped to keep me focused during my personal time with God.  Today, I wanted to share what I wrote:

Dear Father.  Life never slows down.  It seems like busy living can crowd out quality time with you.  Help me to live above the volume, beyond the surface and know you better each moment of my life.  Today is a new day where I get to experience you.  It is so amazing.  Teach me to wait and to pray and to live life to the max.  Never let me settle.  Don’t let me become shallow in my faith.  Renew my drive to honor you.  Help me to be a reflection of you.  Give me your eyes so I can see your plans.  However long or short I live I pray that others will say of me, “He lived for his God.”
Take time to write your prayers!  It is life-changing!!!
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