Sunday Stories (11.30.08)

Today started off with freezing rain!  Welcome to Long Island Winters in the world of church planting.  But I was still filled with lots of faith … not really … I thought we might hit some records lows … in fact, we were slightly down but not too much considering the inclement weather.  The freezing rain turned to just rain about 30 seconds before service started!

Let me just say this THE SERVICE ROCKED!  I think it was one of our best ever … music was unbelievable … the video clip was inspirational … teaching was typical (it was me) … the only thing really low was the offering … ouch!  Even the heat in the theater was up … TOO HIGH … it must have been about 90 degrees in the theater!!!  I lost 6 pounds speaking!!!
I analyzed our attendance trends and I discovered that we have about 130 different people that attend The Point over a 6-week period.  The only problem is they don’t come on the same Sunday!  Sometimes it feels like you are speaking to a totally different group from week to week.
One quick story … a newer lady came up to me at the end of the service with an answered prayer … she lost her job … she put it down as a prayer request on her connection card … God answered her prayer … she starts her new job tomorrow!!!
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