Learnings from Houston

Houston came at a great time for me.  I needed the difference in scheduling and location in order to simply listen to God.  I love it.  

Here are some of the things I learned in no particular order:
  1. New churches grow 23x’s faster than existing churches.
  2. New churches have 3-4x’s more conversions than existing churches.
  3. New sites create greater outreach.
  4. As bad as you want your church to grow God wants it more.
  5. Take risks on emerging leaders and artists.
  6. Some of the best pastors are in your seats.
  7. You must be willing to pay the costs (calling, prayer, team, discipleships, marketing, missional, systems, etc)
  8. Jesus must be the center of EVERYTHING.  Church is about Jesus!!!
Getting away helps clear your head to really hear from God.  I have come back to Long Island with a renewed passion and vision to GO FOR IT!!!
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