POINT // Weather Update

It looks like we are bracing for the 1st storm of 2009 today.  From the reports I have read the heaviest snow will be today (Saturday) and tapering off by 11 pm tonight.  But weather is a hard thing to predict.  So, here is our contingency plan – Simply return to www.pointwestbury.com and you will see our decision on this page.  As of right now we are planning on meeting, but we will follow the weather.  Our decision will solely be based on safety … your safety!!!  Our decision will be posted by Sunday at 8:30 am!!!

If you have any questions or you lose your internet connection you can call 516.724.1841 in the morning!

If we cancel the morning service we will shift our service to 6 pm @ Holy Spirit Christian Church (17 Herzog Pl – Hicksville, NY) for a mini-service and our Vision Summit.  As of right now the Vision Summit will still happen. So we have options!!!

Stay safe today!!!

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