Systems (Part 1)

I have a routine that takes place every single Monday!  I am a big fan of developing systems that help the church operate better.  Many pastors take Mondays off … not me … I love to get back in the routine and get ready for next week!  Having a day off immediately after the BIG day usually causes us to rehearse the service over and over again.  Starting right up gets our focus off the past (which we cannot change) and onto next week (which we can make better based on last week).  FYI … my day off is Tuesday!

So here is The Point’s Monday Systems:


  • Finances – our Accountant gets a task list to accomplish when they arrive from writing checks, to making deposits, to creating reports).
  • Follow-Up – our staff follows up on all guests, prayer requests, team needs, schedules and communications.
  • Function – our staff debriefs the service, finalizing upcoming services, looks at special events, and begins volunteer coordination.

Why do we need a SYSTEM?  Because it Saves Your Staff Time, Energy and Money!

Each day I operate with a SYSTEM in place.  I keeps me focused and “on point.”  Couldn’t resist!!!

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