Systems (Part 2)


Tuesday is my favorite day of the week because I spend the whole day with my family!  The day off is a neglected system in most pastoral schedules.  Many pastors do not keep their “sabbath” and this ultimately causes a low spiritual drive and a stifled leadership ability.

Here’s my typical goals for Tuesdays:

  • Up early to exercise
  • Personal devotions
  • Breakfast/Lunch with Mary (my wife)
  • Take Malachi (my son) to school; Pick him up
  • Do errands around the house
  • Play video games and wrestle with my son (yes, video games)
  • Spend “floor time” with my little baby girl, Abigayl
  • Have family movie time at night

I love my life and my family.  I must make time for them or they will feel like I don’t care.  They are my most important relationships (next to God).

What is your day off?  What do you do?

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