Systems (Part 3)

I love to teach.  I mean I really love it.  It is one of my top priorities during a week!  Because it is a top priority of mine I make it high on the list of TO DO.  

So how do I maintain a teaching system in a new church dynamic?  It takes a lot of focus and attention.

  1. Pray and believe that God can speak through me.  This is a HUGE mountain … but we must believe that God still speaks through people.
  2. Ask God where He wants to take our church each year.  What does He want our church to look like?  How does He want us to grow?  What does He want to teach us?
  3. Develop a 6 month teaching calendar prior to January and then again in June.  Each message is topically completed and key verse scripted.
  4. Get 1 month ahead on messages/series.  Too many pastors fall behind the 8-ball and fail to plan ahead (or even pray ahead).  We try and stay ahead of schedule – this takes the pressure to prepare off!
  5. Always plan with your team.  Include your staff or key players in the development of sermons and series.  Make the worship pastor part of your creative team – this team helps develop the service elements (ie video, drama, music, etc).
  6. Evaluate every service – make sure that you are reaching your goals in all areas.
  7. Check attendance trends.  What topics draw the largest attendance?  Repeat those topics often.
  8. Give your church “next steps” – things they ca do after the service is over.
  9. Thank God that He spoke through you!

I spend about 50% of my week preparing messages, teachings and series.  My chief role is TEACHER.  That happens much more outside of the public limelight and pervades every lunch or coffee appointment.  

I breathe therefore I teach!!!

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