Systems (Part 4)

I have never been trained in graphic design.  Never took a class … never been tutored.  Several years ago I was given a bootleg version of Photoshop and self-taught.  I have cut many corners, but this is one that I reluctantly released recently.  God sent The Point a young man by the name of Henry.  He has taken over all of the graphic design elements of our “print” component of marketing.  He is really good … much better than me.

We have a pretty good system for marketing.  It has worked pretty well, but we are always trying to adjust it.  Last year we had 151 first time guests @ The Point.  Not too bad.

Here’s our three systems …

  1. Word of Mouth – it is the least expensive and most influential.  86% of our guests attend simply because they were invited by a friend.
  2. Online – we use our website, facebook and email as our next line of marketing.  It has been pretty effective.  Once again, it costs us nothing (someone in the church pays for our web hosting and management).  Side Note:  There are over 30 countries listening to Point Podcasts … pretty amazing!!!
  3. Big Screen Advertising – we created a 30 sec spot to play in the 3 major theaters in the Westbury area.  It is not cheap, but we have received more calls, visits and web hits from that investment than any other paid marketing strategy.
  4. Direct Mail – we use seasonal or series mailings 3-4 times per year.  The size and radius depends on what we are doing and the overall cost.  It has been slightly effective, but we use it to keep THE POINT in front of people.

Our guiding principle is FULL COLOR and HIGH QUALITY … you will never see a photocopied promo piece from The Point … we want to reflect our Creator … he created us in FULL COLOR and He gives our lives HIGH QUALITY!

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  1. Sky1RN says:

    The graphics are great! Henry is doing a fantastic job…

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