Day 7: Love Someone as Your Neighbor

0310283671READING:  pages 73-78

1 John 4:11 reads, “Dear friends, since God loved us that much, we surely ought to love each other.”  It’s almost as if we become better lovers of people because of our love for God.  Love starts in God and flows from God.  We cannot escape that truth.  God is love!

Jesus placed a high priority on relationships!  How much value?  He died on a cross to make our relationship with God possible.  I would suggest that is a HUGE value amount.  We must place a high value on the relationships around us.

Now we can love everyone, but we will not be able to physically demonstrate love to everyone.  It is impossible!  Our love is inclusive, but our demonstration of love is limited because we are limited.  God can express his love to everyone simply because He is everywhere!  We cannot.  So must love everyone we can!!!

QUESTION:  How can I show love to the person right in front of me?

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