Day 12: Act Immediately, Act Radically

0310283671READING:  pages 109-116

When God speaks to us we will have two choices – 1) Act Quick or 2) Think It Over.  Typically when we think it over our feelings interject doubt and second-guessing.  And when that happens it is extremely difficult to recapture that “ah-ha” moment … not impossible, but challenging.  Whenever God speaks we must act immediately before our feelings distract us from God’s agenda.

My life is blazed with feelings.  I feel certain ways about religion, politics, family, sports and every other thing out there.  But does that mean my feelings are always right.  Most times they are not!  I find myself in situations that if I solely listened to my feelings I would analyze until I am paralyzed.  Feelings are a good thing, but they were never meant to re-direct us.

Jesus was a radical guy.  The more I think about him the more like him I want to be.  “If you hand causes you to sin cut it off” (Matthew 5:30).  A pretty radical remedy for sin!  There are things that we will have to act radically on or else we will sit idly by and do nothing with the commands that we have been given!  Radical obedience to a radical God!!!

We are talking about love, right?  How does all this go together?  We must love immediately – not based solely on our feelings!  We must love radically – beyond the norm.  If it all starts with love, then we must master this art … and if we do immediate, radical actions will follow in the other areas of our lives!

QUESTIONS:  How do I need to act immediately or act radically in order to make the choice to love?  What keeps me from doing that?

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