Day 18: A New Kind of Honesty

0310283671READING:  pages 159-165

Most people either speak honesty behind someone’s back or they speak it wrongly to the person’s face.  Either way it is not the right way to speak the truth.  In our world today we need a new kind of honesty that truly speaks truth from the vantage point of love – deep genuine care for each other.  This is a lacking in our world today.

Honesty does not mean saying whatever you want whatever way you want!  That’s brutality!  We do need to have honest conversations with people!  

Why aren’t people honest?  I think it all goes back to trust.  Will this person still like me if I share my struggles?  Will they hate me because I speak the truth to them?  I have never had the problem of sharing what I think or feel … but I have often done it the wrong way.  Most people love me or hate me because I am pretty candid.  If you ask my opinion you will probably get it!  Many times I share it with love, but other times I blow it!

Love without truth is equally disastrous” (Tom Holloday).

QUESTION:  Is there someone that I need to have an honest conversation with?

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