What motivates you?  I know the number one factor in my motivation is giving God my best.  The best years of my life!  The best hours in a day!  The best of my family (which is all of it)!  The best of my skills!  The best of my love!  The best of my worship!  The best of my teachings!  I think you get the picture!


But another motivator for me is decline!  I want to make a difference – an impact!  It is my desire to be an agent of change!

In the last 5 years the NY Assemblies of God have experienced some changes:

  • 4.6% decline in adherents
  • 4.7% decline in converts
  • 13.3% decline in Girls Ministries
  • 16% decline in Royal Rangers (Boys)
  • 14.5% decline in Holy Spirit Baptisms
  • 21.3% decline in Water Baptisms

Here’s some good news:

  • 2.5% increase in new churches (add eight)
  • 1.9% increase in Sunday attendance (add 835)
  • 10.3% increase in Youth (add 739)

We are not keeping up with population growth!  This motivates me!!!  Only 8 churches in 5 years – we can do better!  Only 835 more people on Sunday mornings – we can do better!  Only 739 more youth – we can do better!

Is The Point giving their best?  Our church can make a difference!  In one year we have over 130 people @ The Point!  Point ~ We can do better!!!  Let’s reach Westbury and beyond … invite everyone and anyone to experience the amazing love of Jesus Christ!!!

I hope this motivates all NYers to give their best in 2009!!!!  It motivates me!

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