Sunday Vitals

What can I say?  Every Sunday @ The Point is an amazing experience.  Today was no different!  I wake up every Sunday with a silly, child-like smile on my face because I am truly living my dream!

Our Worship Arts Team is getting better and better each week.  They help set-up … they practice … they help break down … and not once do they complain (at least not to me)!  As Micki and the team led the worship you could truly feel that God was there.  I love that feeling!

We had 10 first-time guests!  I was able to connect with so many!  There were several decisions to follow Christ!

I peeked in to PointKids!  It was so great to see the kids dancing, singing and having a great time learning about LOVE!  Adding the 37 inch TV makes their experience so much better!  Jillian and Tracie did an amazing job leading the kids today!

All of our volunteers give so much!  The Point would never be what it is without our volunteer base.  Every week they are there.  50% of our regular attenders volunteer once per month!  Thanks Team!!!

I introduced plans today about launching our 2nd location!  Our team seems excited.  It is a faith-stretching opportunity for The Point … we can wait, but there are people who need to hear about Jesus NOW!!!  In two weeks I will unveil the plan to the whole church!!!!

What a Sunday!!!!

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