Advance or Retreat?

We are faced with decisions everyday that challenge our faith.  Will I move forward or slip into reverse?  There have been times in my ministry, and still are, when I totally lack the faith.  God can speak to me – give me a clear vision – and then I forget or lose faith!  Hard to admit but I have gone backwards several times in my spiritual journey!  Now I feel like I am relentlessly advancing – pursuing the call and dreams of God!

Thomas walked with Jesus.  And yet when Jesus showed up (resurrected) after his death he needed to “touch” Jesus.  Maybe Thomas lost faith or nerve or whatever.  But we lose sight of one major part of the story – we have dubbed him “doubting Thomas” – but he touched and believed!  That’s what will propel us to do the impossible … plan the impossible … succeed when others think we will fail – touching or connecting with Jesus.  He is our lifeline!!!

In what area do you need to advance?

One of the dreams that God has called The Point to is to become a “church that launches churches.”  I began to retreat from this vision – I was starting to lose hope that 2009 would be the year.  BUT God … don’t you like when God “buts in?”  I do.  We are now making plans to launch our 2nd campus in October 2009.  Amazing!  

We have a point pastor$15,000 in cash – $30,000 potential grant from the AGhealth insurance for the point pastor from the NY AG.  All within a couple of weeks!!!  All we have to do now is raise about $60,000 more … we are advancing!!!  If you would like to donate make checks payable to POINT COMMUNITY CHURCH and mail to 412 47th Street – Lindenhurst, NY 11757.  I know some of you can!!!!

Never retreat!  We were designed to “storm the gates of Hell.”  If God has spoken to you trust him and move forward even when it doesn’t make sense!!!!

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