Why Launch More Churches?

Many people think I am crazy!  Let me shatter the mystery — YES, I AM!!!  I am crazy enough to believe that God can use The Point to create communities of faith all over Long Island!  Why not just shoot for a mega-church? Or build a single, healthy location?  Great questions … but here is my methodology …

1.  New churches reach more unchurched people than established churches!
2.  New churches can become more effective in meeting the needs of a community!
3.  New churches cause the kingdom to grow bigger … not churches to grow bigger.
4.  New churches build excitement and creates opportunities for service.
5.  New churches are naturally forced to grow via evangelism – keeps us attached to a mission.
6.  New churches can scale down the size and scope of discipling.
7.  New churches are Biblical (ie Acts, Romans, Corinthians … look at the NT … filled with new communities of faith).

Call me crazy!  Yes, it is risky!  But nothing truly worth doing comes without risk and sacrifice!

Here’s some great church reproducing churches:
National Community Church
Community Christian Church
The Journey
Redeemer Presbyterian

There are some more amazing ones out there … feel free to share more!!!

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