Fav-5 Challenge

We are asking every person who attends The Point to invite 5 people to join them on Easter Sunday (April 12) for our Experience Easter service.  Easter is the most important day on the Christian calendar, but it also seems that people are more likely to attend a church service on that day!  86% of people say they would attend church if they were invited by a friend or neighbor.  All it takes is a simple invite!

Who will you invite on Easter Sunday?  Send your five names to katherine@pointwestbury.com and we will add them to Fav-5 prayer list.  It is a growing list!

We have sent out a mass mailing to Westbury residents … advertising in the newspaper … utilizing facebook and email blasts … but it will take YOU inviting your friends, family and co-workers to Experience Easter!!!!

Our Easter Service Goal = 277 people (that’s every seat in the theater)!

Don’t come alone!!!!

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