What do most churches evaluate in their Staff Meetings (if they even spend time critiquing their week experience)?  Most churches only assess big events or special productions but take little time to look at their every week performance.  The Point has placed in its DNA the need to evaluate, assess and adjust.  We have to assess!!!!!

We look at every component of our weekend services – from unload to set-up to sound check to countdown to video elements to message to response to offering to final thoughts to break down and finally to load out!  We evaluate EVERY area of a weekend experience – or at least we thought!

We added a level of assessment – Meaningful Conversationswho did you speak with?  Did they say something to you about our church?  We got too technical … it was all about process and production – but ministry is more about people!

Does your church evaluate its service experience?  Do you do an online survey for first time guests?  Do you typically evaluate your service experience by numbers and process or meaningful conversations?

We have decided as a team to simply “talk to people more” and listen … it is more important than set-up and tear-down!  

People still matter!!!

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