Death by Ordination

Wow.  It is hard to believe but it only took my 14 years to be licensed.  I guess you could say that I am a little slower than most.  At some things I have a much more rapid pace – I met Mary, my wife, and we tied the knot 11 months after we met – I am the “man of many extremes.”

Malachi, my son, asked me what it means to be ordained?  I gulped and told him that now daddy is the boss … he laughed … but it made me really think about ordination.  To be honest I knew it was part of the ministry process, but never really saw the value until my son asked me the question just before leaving for the service.

Ordination to me now has become another level in my spiritual journey.  It became an opportunity to have my wife and kids see the acceptance of my peers, the anointing of God confirmed and the amazement of God’s ability to use anyone.

Another layer of Todd Bishop died last night.  One more peeled back and pulled off by a loving, caring God.  I experienced DEATH BY ORDINATION … not because the service was long … or boring … not at all … but because God took away another layer!

One of my many heroes prayed for me last night – Dr. Almon Bartholomew – or as I have called him many times “Uncle Al.”  I still remember when he took me fishing on Glen Lake several years ago.  He is a TRUE minister of God’s Word.  After he prayed he whispered in my ear something that not many ministers have ever said – “Todd, you have barely begun to scratch the surface of what God has planned for you.  I am so proud of you.”  We embraced!

I am not too sure of what lies under the surface for me, but knowing that “Uncle Al” sees something makes me believe it is true.

What’s beneath your surface???

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