Have you ever worked so hard on a project only to find someone else muffed it for you?  Or it was indirectly sabotaged?  We all have dealt with that whether it was in elementary school or high school or our work environment.  Or at least I have!

I learned something about myself several years ago – “I don’t handle unplanned changes very well.”  It’s true.  I am a systems guy.  I plan everything out to almost the last detail.  If it gets altered my ADD takes over and it will be virtually impossible to get back on track.

I was wrapping up the message with an invitation for people to follow Jesus yesterday when I was interrupted by movie previews!  I covered it well at first … told the moms they were also getting a FREE movie today … stalled for a moment … 6 minutes later I transitioned out and turned the service over to Nick to find out what was happening … another 5 minutes pass before the technician is able to kill the previews.  Talk about frustration.  Nick recovered the service amazingly!

I strive for excellence – but what happens when what you plan is interrupted by outside forces?  Typically you get frustrated!  I put about 10-12 hours into every message I speak – because I never want to get up with nothing to say!!!

Newsflash – Pastors are human too!  We get frustrated!

Thank you everyone for the amazing emails, texts, and face-to-face words of encouragement!  It meant so much!!!!!!  I love the people @ The Point!

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