Commitment Sunday @ The Point!

Today is a BIG TIME day for everyone at The Point!  It is Commitment Sunday!  We are committing to launching our 2nd location in the Town of Babylon – Suffolk County.  We will be introducing to you our Point Pastor, Chris Fennelly and his family.  You will not want to miss this historic day!

18 months ago we launched Point – Westbury and now in just a few short months we will be launching Point – Babylon.  Join us today as we commit our resources to this new point of faith on Long Island.

We are asking each attendee to consider giving $100 toward this new project.  If this takes place today we will raise over $11,000!  We can do it.  Some may not be able to give a $100 … we understand … but there are some who can give $500 or even a $1,000 to see this take place.

Plus we will start our prayer emphasis for this new area!  “It is not by might or power … but by the Spirit of God.”

Let’s do it … see you @ 10:15 am!!!!!

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