I have come to a realization … it’s a BIG one … but not everybody is like me.  That’s probably a good thing!  In fact, that is definitely a good thing!  

I have entered several new phases of life since launching The Point 18 months ago … one of them is I have never been “the boss.”  I could always pawn responsibility up to someone else … not any more.  I am that someone else!

At our Team Meeting yesterday we spoke about INITIATIVE … we discovered there are three types of initiators in life:

1.  Self-Initiator – this individual shows amazing initiative … many times there decisions prove valuable to the vision of the team … sometimes they do not!  This person just does!

2.  Initiator w/ Permission – this individual wants to take some risks, but they are waiting for permission to take those risks.  This person wants to do.

3.  Initiator w/Reservation – this individual will never take risks … they will only do it when they know they will not fail the mission or the church.  This person usually will never.

Being the Lead Pastor places you in the position of learning HOW TO LEAD different people.  We have a great team and I am learning how to be a better leader … I must raise my LID and grow – so they will grow with me.

What type of initiator are you?

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