Redeeming Technology

social_networking_sitesI love technology.  In fact, I am a total gadget guy.  I love trying to get the latest and figuring our “how” I can use this for ministry.  From Facebook to Twitter to iPhones to the Flip – we have so much at our disposal.

20-something Harvard dropout named Mark Zuckerberg created a simple computer program to communicate with some of his college buddies. When it caught on at other campuses, he decided to open it up to all colleges, then all high schoolers, and finally the whole world. Facebook is now the largest and fastest-growing social network anywhere with over 175 million users.

Churches and pastors should utilize such a large, connected network.  It is instant promo.

How to redeem technology?

1.  Use it to expand the Kingdom
All of the technology that is out there has the potential for good or evil.  We need to use it to build relational networks and/or marketing strategies for church events/services.

2.  Use it to increase your impact.
For pastors, there is a lot more to our ministry than who visits/attends our churches on Sunday mornings.  The Point broadcasts its messages in over 35 countries via our website. 

3.  Use it to sharpen your ministry.
There is so much that helps us define our ministry – multi-media in our services, graphic design, staging & props, etc.  All of these elements bring a sharpen, clearer presentation of the Gospel Message. 

4.  Use it, but do not rely on it.
Technology is a great gift – it is a mode, but it is not the message.  Unless Christ is evident in our services/churches and the Spirit of God is moving technology is just technology.  We must redeem it, but not rely on it.  There is a HUGE difference.  “It is not by might, power … but by my Spirit” (Zech 4:6).

A lot of churches only focus on the packaging of their service.  But what happens when you open up the package?  Is there any content?  There must be depth to our presentation and life to our churches.  

Let’s sacrifice the content for a cute package!!!  Let’s do both!

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