Finding The Money (by Steve Pike)

{Blog written by Steve Pike on Tuesday, May 26}

steve_pikeLast week The Point Church in Westbury, New York, became the first Perpetual Matching Fund Church to become a member of the Church Multiplication Network’s One Percent Club. The One Percent Club was actually founded by Pastor Steven Long of Ridgeline Church in Waddell, Arizona. Steven heard about the Perpetual Matching Fund after it was too late for him to apply, but thought it was such a great idea that he and the people of Ridgeline decided to send one percent of their non-designated income to support CMN and the Perpetual Matching Fund. Thus the One Percent Club was born.

You can become a One Percent Club member as well by simply giving one percent of your non-designated income to CMN. It’s a great way to invest in church planting all across America.

But The Point Church is in a class by itself. It was started as a Perpetual Matching Fund church in 2007. In fact, it was one of the first seven churches launched utilizing Matching Fund money. From the very beginning, Pastor Todd Bishop was determined to help people find Jesus and help start other life-giving churches at the same time. God blessed The Point and they quickly replenished the original $30,000 they received from the Church Multiplication Network. Last week Todd made history by paying forward the final portion. And just to help illustrate the power of the Perpetual Matching Fund, Todd came to Springfield, Missouri, and participated in a ceremony in which he presented a $30,000 check to Paul Stewart, a planter preparing to launch The Gateway Church in Iowa. Paul looks forward to doing the same for another planter sometime in the next few years once his new church plant pays forward the money they received from The Point via CMN.

Now that The Point has paid it forward they will continue to invest one percent of their non-designated income into helping other planters get off to a strong start through the services of the Church Multiplication Network. They also plan to launch their first daughter church sometime around their second anniversary. The Point really understands what it means to be fruitful and multiply.

For more information about how your church can become a partner in the Perpetual Matching Fund and join the 62 churches that have already doubled their start-up money (up to $30,000), call Trevor Birch at 417-862-1447, extension 3504. Check it out. You’ve got nothing to lose.

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