Early Church

I was looking for a book this morning and I came across some notes I wrote on a flight back from Houston, TX.  The notes were reflections of mine that I had about being a Christ-follower.  I thought I would share.

The early church …
* Did not have buildings
* Did not have full scripture
* Did not have technology
* Did not have paid staff
* Did not start with strong organization (it developed)
* Did not have mega churches
* Did not do large scale evangelistic outreaches.

But they did have …
* Community
* Compassion
* Commitment
* Cause
* Christ

These ordinary men rocked our world.  Not because they had finances or resources, but because they simply were Christ-followers.  I want to be that kind of Christian.  I may not understand all the theology out there.  I may not be able to quote in the Hebrew/Greek.  I will probably never get an honorary doctorate.  But I can be a Christ-follower!

My prayer is that Christ would be our cause and we would be committed to compassionate community – in the church and out.

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