Posted by Todd Bishop on June 1, 2009 in Events

Isaac Newton in the First Law of Motion believed: “Everything continues in a state of rest unless it is compelled to change by forces impressed upon it.”  Which actually is recognized as Galileo’s concept of inertia.

mainOur lives tend to find a rhythm … or what we call a plateau … and unless something pushes us we tend to “stay the course” or “stay on the same path.”

In our new series we will look at The Holy Spirit as that outside force that impresses us to change … or to transform … becoming more and more like Jesus.  And that is one of the key jobs of the Holy Spirit … to help us become like Jesus.

Actually, I am totally excited about this series!  It will help us communicate one of our core beliefs as a spirit-filled church.  Join us for the next four weeks – you will be glad you did.

June 7 – Transformation through the Holy Spirit
June 14 –
Gifted from the Holy Spirit
June 21 –
Living by the Holy Spirit
June 28 –
Empowered through the Holy Spirit 

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