I went to see Night at The Museum 2 with Mary a couple of days ago.  It was good, but definitely not as good as the first.  I love movie quotes.  I think there is deep spiritual implications in any movie that pastors/leaders can draw from.  Let me share my two favorite:

1.  “I will always be remembered for my biggest failure.” – Col. Custer
Wow.  This is a BIGTIME statement.  It is so true.  That’s why we must be careful how we live.  I ask myself all the time – Do I want to be remembered by my successes or my failures?  It may seem unfair, but it is true that we will mostly be marked by failures.  Sad, but true.  Choose your failures carefully.

2.  “Do you know why I became a pilot?  For the fun of it.  Why else would anyone do anything else?” – Amelia Earheart 
Life should be fun.  Ministry should be fun.  The moment we stop having fun is the moment our visions, dreams and goals become extinct.  Whatever you do in life have fun doing it!  Why did you start whatever you are doing – college, business, marriage, etc?  Because you thought it would make you happy!  Find the joy in what you are doing!

Whenever I watch a movie I look for teaching points!  Did you watch Museum 2?  What are your favorite quotes?

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