Video Project

I am so excited about a phone call I received the other day.  It was no ordinary phone call.  Elevation Studios is working with the Assemblies of God to create a 4-minute documentary on The Point.  Can you believe that?  It will be a feature piece at a meeting of nearly 10,000 pastors and leaders from all over the United States.  Is this amazing?  God is positioning the Point to make an impact far beyond Long Island.  I am humbled and honored to be part of this amazing church – to be part of your life!

Elevation Studios is coming to shoot video at The Point on Sunday, June 14.  We need every single person who gets this email to attend this service.  Please make an strong effort to start arriving by 10:00 am.  Plus they will be shooting video during our Connection Event – so make sure that you try and join us after church for lunch!  Don’t miss your opportunity to be part of this history and future of The Point!

Are you excited?  I know I am.  Let’s invite every person that we know to be there.  Let’s fill the theater with tons of people so our story creates an even larger impact!!!  Start inviting … then remind your friends.  If nothing else tell them a nationwide documentary about your church is being recorded … that might get some additional people there!!!  This may even get you there!  

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