In the last 48 hours I have been hustling and working for 36.5.  Yes, it has been a CRAZY two days.  A camera crew came in to do some filming for The Point.  It has been a great, but exhausting experience.  Sunday began at 7:30 am – lasted until well after midnight.  Yesterday kicked off at 8 am – I walked back into my house at 11:45 pm.  A very long couple of days!  But I loved sharing my story.  Here’s the thing – I hope it makes sense!  Long days = Lame mind.  So hopefully I was able to articulate the story!  If not, these guys are so good they will make the story work – totally kidding.

What have I learned?
1.  Mary, my wife, balances me out!  It’s true – she will NOT let me overwork.  Her and the kids have been away for the last 6 days – and I have worked TOO much. Yes, you can work too long of hours in ministry.  I am exhausted and am taking the next couple of days to relax with my family!  (Can’t wait to see you, Mary, in a few hours)
2.  Malachi and Abigayl, my kids, help me enjoy every moment.  I am blessed with two amazing, young children.  They keep me light and on my toes.  They take their stiff dad and force him to relax.  This is BIG for me.
3.  The Point has revealed my purpose and potential. Every other church/ministry that I have been a part of has prepared me for what I am doing now.  The Point is a dream that God placed in my heart that energizes me during long, rigorous scheduling.  I love our church!!!
4.  Jesus is my source of strength!  I am only able to move forward in his strength.  “They that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength.”  I plan on spending time with Jesus and family over the next few days so I can be refreshed.  Jesus is that source of strength.  I am so glad I don’t trust in myself, but in him!

I don’t advocate that kind of schedule all the time, but sometimes there are deadlines to meet.  Meet them and then move back to a less insane schedule.  I know I am!  Can’t wait!!!

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