Happy Fathers Day

Posted by Todd Bishop on June 21, 2009 in Events

i-love-dad-600What a great day!  It is an opportunity to honor our Fathers.  A chance to say thank you for all they have done for us.  Today we will try and do that at The Point.  We will be giving all dads some root beer (symbolic of a dad thing) and giving away 3 hot towel shaves worth $35 each.  Plus some media presentations to honor dads.

Beyond that here is my advice for Fathers Day:

1.  Honor your Heavenly Father first. It all starts with Him.  Say, “Happy Father’s Day to God.”  He is the greatest father of all.

2.  Honor your earthly fathers. Make sure you give some love to those who have showered love on you.  Fathers are often labeled as losers, dumb and forgetful by TV programs and the media – don’t let that label define your dad.

3.  Honor father figures in your life.  Some of us, like me, did not have a father in picture when growing up, but we did have people like that in our lives.  I have been blessed with several: (1) Leonard Janik, my grandfather, (2) John Sotero, my youth pastor, and (3) Paul Bartholomew, my friend.  Others like Pat Hilkey, Steve Milazzo and David Nuzzolo.  So many have made an impression on ‘who I am.’

Show honor today to those beyond blood lines who have impacted your life.

Make this Father’s Day a great day for the “dads” in your life!

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