Branding: A Lost Art in the Church

Branding – what is it?  Branding is how you make a product memorable!  In churches we also have the responsibility to make our services/ministries memorable.  Too often they are forgettable.  We have to create a memorable brand for our churches so that people associate us with something specific.

At The Point our branding is pretty simple for our services – short (about 70 minutes), simple (easy to apply) and spiritual (it makes a difference in our spiritual journey).  That is the mark we want to leave on everyone that attends.  It is our “service” brand.

Principles of Service Branding:

1. People only retain what they can remember.  What is not written down is quickly forgotten.  Use teaching notes as guides and reminder tools.

2.  Stimulate the experience. Change it up every so often.  Alter the schedule or the speaker or the environment.  But do not change what you value.  People continue to attend your church because they value your service values.

3.  Brand everything.  Our promo cards, mailings, worship programs and big screen graphics all have the same look for each series we do.  This allows us to brand a teaching series as well as the church.  Put your logo everywhere!

4.  Use technology.  Every possible outlet.  We now use twitter to allow people to ask questions about the service in real time or even later in the day.  This allows the brand to go beyond the 70 minute experience.

5. Make it memorable. Do something that is simply unforgettable or unexpected.  We have used planned interruptions – ie music, videos, etc.  We have done live paintings, used visual illustrations and even shot huge water guns into the audience.

6.  Guard your brand.  Don’t let anyone hi-jack or alter your brand.  From greeters to ushers to worship team to staff.  The brand must be consistent.

Whether you realize it or not your church/ministry has a branding.  How is it?

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