Baptism Principles

Posted by Todd Bishop on July 13, 2009 in Events

5969_1119896610355_1615236901_281381_449409_nWhat an amazing yesterday!

Baptism is such a powerful experience.  It truly a catalyst on our journey to closeness with God.  I love baptisms.  I love changed lives.

Here’s what I have learned about Baptisms:

1.  Make it memorable.
Create an experience and environment that is unforgettable.  The setting often determines the vibe of a baptism.  Be creative.

2.  Make it a celebration.
Baptisms have become systematic instead of spiritually motivating.   Whether in a church or a pool or the beach take time to celebrate together the amazing step that people have taken.  Don’t rush off!

3.  Make it motivational.
It has to push others to take this step of faith.  It can and it will.  Several people watched the baptisms yesterday asking themselves, “Can I do this?  Should I?”  I had some tell me that after seeing it they want to experience it!

4.  Make it spiritual.
This is an important step in someone’s spiritual journey.  It is more than a symbol – it is a doorway toward continued obedience to God. Sing a worship song, read a scripture, say a prayer – but make it mean something.

Take video and photo.  This is key.  At our first baptism at The Point our video camera was baptism – we lost all of the footage, but at least we had GREAT pics.

Give people the opportunity to be baptized as often as possible!

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