God Farts: A Conversation with a Waitress

I was having a lunch meeting at a restaurant in Westbury, NY with a potential church multiplier in Manhattan.  At the end of lunch our waitress was bringing out dessert … I raised my hands like I was in a worship service.  “I am a religious person,” I told the waitress.  She hummed the Hallelujah chorus, set down our dessert and said, “Oops I forgot something … brain fart.”  I replied, “Religious, Hallelujah Chorus and fart all within 1 minute.”  She said, “God farts.”  I said, “Prove it.”  “Each time you feel the wind that’s it.”

I laughed and invited her to experience The Point – she took the invite card and said she would check out the website. I will never be able to feel the wind brush against my face the same way!  I am messed up.

The truth is I love conversations.  I could talk to a brick wall if needed.  I especially love to make people smile – if even only for a brief moment.

God has called us to be conversationalists!  To start conversations with people about things that matter – life, family, faith etc.  Never be afraid to walk through the door of conversations with people.  Most people are looking for someone to talk with, laugh with and do life with.  Typically every relationship starts with a HELLO.

Mission:  Say HELLO to someone you have not spoken to yet!  And watch where the conversation leads.

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