Multiplying Vision

When we first started The Point we prayed about several core values and beliefs.  One them was that we would establish a church that launches additional locations.  Multi-site, if you will.  Today, less than 2 years old, and we are about to launch our 2nd campus.  I can’t wait!

We have high aspirations for The Point.  Really high!  It is our hope to try something that is destined to fail without God – so we need Him.  God has given us a vision to launch 10 locations in the next 10 years.  Pretty ambitious … some might call it crazy.  And yes, I have been called crazy.

So on this journey toward a CRAZY vision we created a roadmap:


The yellow is our original location.  The green represents our first satellite.  And the red is the additional locations we plan to start in the next decade.  Pretty crazy!

Is God calling you to partner with The Point? Maybe you are looking for a mission field – Long Island is one of the largest mission fields in the US.  It would be a great place to join our efforts in reaching the pre-Christian.

Make a financial donation today!

Move to Long Island and help us launch another location!

Pray and fast for a spiritual breakthrough!

God has given us a multiplying vision!  I pray the vision becomes multiplied in your heart!

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