Core Convictions: Our Top Seven

Values drive us.  Or at least I know that they drive my brain process.  The development of a good idea, the types of messages I share and what I do with my time all is determined by my value system.  Just as each person has a set of values every organization has things they value.  Some values are preferred (we like them, but don’t really practice them) and others are core (they affect every decision we make).

Convictions that drive The Point:

1.  Jesus matters.
It is that simple.  We are a Christ-centered church.  That means Jesus is seen in everything we do – in church and out of church.

2.  People matter.
That matter to God and they matter to us.  We want people to feel loved, accepted and valued.  100% of our first time guests (that complete our survey) so they felt The Point was a friendly place.

3.  It is wrong for church to be boring.
Church should be filled with life.  People should leave a service feeling like they had a moment with God – this will impact everyones life!

4.  The Bible is a practical, life-giving book.
It is God’s Word – God’s love story to us!  It talks about many of the situations we will face in life and it truly helps us discover real life.

5.  Church should find itself in the marketplace.
God intended for the church to be visible.  That is why we chose to meet in a public location – a movie theater.  It is highly visible.  Plus the church must find its voice in the media – using the internet, print media and more to communicate its message.

6.  Avoid the mediocre.
We have the opportunity to reflect our creative God by being creative.  Churches must utilize all creative means possible and do everything with excellence.

7. Dream Big.
We can never settle for what we can see.  We must go after a dream that is sure to fail unless God is in it.  That is why The Point desires to launch 10 new locations over the next 10 years.  This is too big for us, but it is not too big for God!

The Point lives by these values and more.  What are your values?

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