Today @ The Point: Setting Life Goals

Posted by Todd Bishop on July 26, 2009 in Events

Did you know that less than 5% of the people in America ever write down a LIFE GOAL. It is not by accident that the 5% that do are the top leaders in their field.

Setting goals in life may be the one of the most important thing you could ever do. They can give you a foundation and direction of where you want to go in life. Without goals or direction, you most likely will never get anything done.

When you wake up in the morning, you usually define the day that is ahead of you. You may not write it down, but you perform it. Whether you go to school or off to a job, you know what you have to do every morning to get yourself ready to go and the next steps needed to reach your ultimate destination. Setting up and mapping out your life goals should be of HUGE importance.

LIFEPOINT: Your daily routines should be a means to your life goals.

Your life goals must be attainable. They must be measurable and have a purpose.

Learn the 6 keys to setting Life Goals @ 10:15 am today!

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