My Life Goals

Okay, I am about to step into the scariest part of leadership – transparency!  I am going to share my list of life goals.  It is a growing list, but I believe that my life goals become a roadmap for my future.


1.  Be married to the same woman my whole life – Mary.
2.  See all of my children start and continue a relationship with God.
3.  Take a family vacation at least once per year.
4.  Earn my Master’s Degree.
5.  Earn my Doctorate Degree.
6.  Meet my grandchildren.
7.  Pastor The Point the rest of my life.
8.  Overcome my fear of drowning.
9.  Write a book or 10.
10. Take a summer sabbatical.
11.  Create a family college scholarship.
12.  Pay for my children’s college education.
13.  Meet a living president.


1.  Take Mary to Hawaii for our anniversary.
2.  Take the family to Spain.
3.  Take the family to Italy.
4.  Visit the following places in the US with the family: LA, Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, Alaska, Branson.
5. Take a 10 day trip through Canada – Montreal to Quebec City.
6. Enjoy an African Safari.
7.  Two-Day Camping Trip with my Son.
8.  Preach/teach in all 50 states.
9.  Take a missions trip on all continents.
10.  Take Mary to London on a honeymoon.
11.  Family Trip to the Holy Land.

Professional Goals

1.  Start 20 churches.
2.  Lead The Point to 5000.
3.  Lead The Point to give  1/2 million dollars each year to Missions.
4.  Lead a New Church Conference for the Northeast.
5.  Start a Long Island Master’s Commission/Ministry Training Center.
6.  Create an apprentice program for potential church starters.
7.  Create a non-profit organization to fight poverty on Long Island.
8.  Speak at General Council.

There … I did it … I feel free and weird at the same time.

I would love to hear some of yours!  Send your list to

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