Multi-Site Musings: Informal Discussion with Mark Batterson

Today I had the privilege to sit with one of my heroes – yep, that’s right!  I spent some time with Mark Batterson, pastor of National Community Church (Washington, DC), and author of several books.  Mark is one of the most gifted and creative leaders in America.  He is an asset to the Body of Christ.

The topic of discussion was BECOMING A MULTI-SITE.  The Point is only months away from launching its 2nd location on Long Island.  Very exciting.  So I wanted to learn from someone who is doing it and is several years ahead of us.

Here’s my learnings from today:

1.  Ask the right question:  “Why Not?

2.  It’s all about the vision – Multi-Site is a calling.

3.  Always look at the practical – can you afford to buy or is mobile the right direction?

4. Your Launch Team needs to be more than attenders, they must serve.

5.  Teaching is critical – how will you communicate – Live or Video?  Honestly assess how well you actually communicate.

6.  The Lead Pastor is the lead teacher, primary vision caster and overall director.

7. Multi-Site Teaching must be unified – it should be the same at all locations.

8. Everything is an experiment – This will allow you to take larger risks without fear.

9. Leadership Challenge:  To build leaders and to build staff.

10.  Discipleship Motivator:  God will not send you more people if you don’t have the ability to disciple them.

11. Horse Sense:  It’s easier to loosen tight reins than to take control of loose reins.

12.  Growth Dynamic:  Surround yourself with gifted and loyal people.

It was an amazing meeting and learned more in this 60 minute power meeting than in many conferences.  Leaders must continue to learn – so I am learning about multi-site from a practitioner not a lecturer.

Check out Mark’s Blog – – it is motivating!

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