It is important for every person – no matter their field – to bust out of routine.  Routine can be a great asset to life, but it can also keep someone from experiencing it!  Being away from routine, schedules and the same helps give us perspective!  Perspective drives us toward our goals.

“If you examine a life, as Socrates has been so tediously advising us to do for so many centuries, do you really examine a life, or do you examine the shadows it casts on other lives? Entity or relationships? Objective reality or the vanishing point of a multiple perspective exercise? Prism or the rainbows it refracts? And what if you’re the wall? What if you never cast a shadow or rainbow of your own, but have only caught those cast by others?” ~ Wallace Stegner (1976)

Perspective.  This week did two things for The Point:
1.  Solidified The Point’s Mission
2.  Electrified The Point’s Ministry

I pray that The Point, and myself, will help cast shadows on the lives of people all around us!

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