Rewind Prayers

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you get ahead of yourself? I have. There have been several times in my life where I have had to rewind my prayers. I guess you could say move 1 step forward and then 2 steps back. That typically happens because I have pushed myself ahead of God. Ever been there?

Rewind Prayers are usually caused because we let our emotions lead us! And emotions were never meant to lead us but to follow a decision that we have made based on prayer. Emotions can change. Feelings can change. But God has prepared a plan for our lives (Proverbs 16).

So how do you rewind your prayers?
1. Trace your decision back as deep as possible.
Figure our where your prayers separated themselves from God’s will. Go deeper than a recent decision. Check your core, your heart. Find the reasons why you made certain decisions.

2. Look at the effects of your decision.
You may have to make tough decisions, communicate apologies or determine that you are heading in the right direction. Every decision we make in life produces an outcome – some are good and others are challenging.

3. Commit to know before you go.
This is a big one. A lot of times we get ahead of ourselves before we actually know beyond a shadow of a doubt we move forward. There can be NO doubt in your mind, heart and spirit.

Prayer is one of the great tools that God has given us. Often our prayers are attempts at confirming what we have already decided. Prayers are meant to direct our decisions.

My Prayer: “Lord, don’t let me move an inch unless you are in it. Give me the wisdom to know before I go.”

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