Brett is Back

2690700258_69ab64bc7dI have been a Brett Favre fan since he came into the NFL.  I was totally excited when he joined the NY Jets.  Today, after he signed with the Vikings I am not so sure how I feel!  I think he is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, but will he finish well.  I hope so.  I want him to!

What can we learn from Brett Favre?

1.  Never let anyone else tell you when it’s over.

2.  Age does not determine ability.

3.  A strong leader can make a decision even when others don’t agree.

4.  Life is too short to sit in the stands – get in the game!

NO matter what your opinion is of Brett Favre you have to admire his willingness to take risks … he is putting his career on the line.  I was always told it’s about how you start and finish.  I pray he finishes well.

In life, all of us have to finish well – by working hard, listening to God, fulfilling our purpose and pursuing a dream that needs God’s intervention to be successful!

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