I read a small article in the Enrichment today titled, “Indicators of Church Health” by Ed Stetzer.  Here’s what Stetzer writes – “The typical church plant does not pass 100 in attendance after 4 years.”  Wow!  Reality blast!

Thank God we have not been a typical church.  The Point passed the 100 in attendance consistency after 18 months.  We are still far from where I want to be but we are one step closer to that lifelong mission.  We launched with 142 in attendance – but that was cut by 50% in less than 3 months.  Launching large is crucial.

Stetzer goes on to talk about the “over 100 factors.”  What gets a church over the 100 barrier.  He offers a lot of significant stats.  Some we have done and others not.  But one thing is left out of this short article – the power of faith and prayer.  It seems so simplistic, but yet I believe systems without spirit are suicidal.

Church planter- do not underestimate the POWER of praying your systems to life!

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