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Every church office has a culture imbedded in its DNA.  You will either make the culture or the culture will make you.  As the leader in any organization you are responsible for “your culture.”

I love reading.  Each month I get my copy of Fortune Small Business (the magazine).  I love reading about innovative and creative people/ideas.  Jay Goltz wrote a great article, “Corporate Culture.”  He reiterates an old saying: “A fish rots from the head down.”

Goltz offers the 4 ways to create your culture:
1. Respect the mission – the mission is the priority
2. Go the extra mile – how far will you go for a customer?
3. Treat one another well – people must be valued at all levels
4. Rock from the top – perform with excellence and expect it

How’s your church culture?

The culture of your office and your church is determined by its TOP LEVEL LEADERSHIP.  You can’t blame anyone else but yourself.  Leaders lead.  Lead well in establishing a healthy, growing, friendly culture in your organization.

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